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Concealed Handgun Course
CHL Class

Are you interested in obtaining your Concealed Handgun License? It's now easier than ever! We offer a ONE DAY, five hour course, every second and fourth Saturday from 8am to 1pm (with 4 or more registered students).

Course Fees:

Course Requirements:

  • Valid Texas ID or License
  • Semi-Auto Pistol or Revolver (.32 cal or higher) *
  • 50 Rounds of quality target ammunition *
  • Eye & Ear protection *

* Rental Pistols, Ammunition, eye & ear protection are available for purchase at the Gun Emporium.

General Information:
Students will be instructed on the concepts of Texas Concealed Handgun Laws and will be provided a booklet containing the details of the Texas CHL Code. Due to the length of the class, the entire breadth of the code cannot be covered in depth. Students are encouraged to continue their education on their own, as long as they maintain their CHL license.

After the classroom portion of the course is completed, students will be taken to the on-site pistol range where they will be required to demonstrate their proficiency with their qualifying weapon. This qualification portion requires students to shoot from 3 different distances; They include 3 yards (20 rounds), 7 yards (20 rounds) and 15 yards (10 rounds). Students must obtain a score of 70% or better to qualify.

Once the student has completed the classroom portion and passed the proficiency portion, they will be issued the Texas State CHL-100 certificate. The student will then need to visit one of the following websites to obtain the official State of Texas CHL Application forms. The student will also be responsible for obtaining their finger prints required by the state, which can now be completed electronically via 3rd party vendors.


NOTE: This is NOT a gun safety or self defense course. Students should have at least a basic working knowledge of their qualifying weapon and it's safety features. It is also recommended that students spend a few sessions on a shooting range practicing their accuracy prior to attending this course.