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How to Purchase Firearms

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Federal law requires that we ship firearms only to federally licensed firearms dealers holding a valid FFL. In order to purchase a firearm you must have the gun shipped to a FFL in your local area. We DO NOT ship guns to California. This FFL will process the paperwork for the transfer. There will be a small fee from your local FFL to process this paperwork. Usually $35 to $50.

Please follow these simple rules for purchasing firearms.

  • Locate a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer. (FFL) in your local area. There are many resources on the web to locate FFLs. You can also check with your local gun shops, pawn shops, or gun ranges. If you are unable to locate a suitable FFL in your area please contact us and we will help you locate one.
  • Have your local FFL email or fax a signed copy of their FFL to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 936-760-2332.
  • Use the FFLs name and address in the Ship to field of your order and Email us your order number and the name of the FFL you are using. If you are unble to use the FFLs address in the form be sure and email us. Use the Comment field as necessary.
  • Once we have all the information necessary we will be able to ship your gun to your local FFL.

Prior to purchasing please be sure you are eligible to purchase the firearm or ammunition you are selecting. If you do not know the laws in your state please see Gun Laws by State or consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction
Gun Emporium is not responsible is you purchase something that you are not legally eligible to receive or possess. A re-stocking charge of 20% will be withheld to all refunds as a result of orders placed where you are not able to receive or possess the product purchased.